Shiny black dog stands beside car

Search and Detection Dogs

We supply impeccably trained, highly experienced dog and handler teams for deployment as high profile deterrent or for covert information gathering. We specialise in the sensitive domains of narcotics, explosives and firearms detection.

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Search Advisers

Industry leading advisers provide guidance on all matters relating to search. We provide highly trained, licensed and experienced search advisers to conduct an assessment of your venue, event or existing protocol, then coordinate and oversee operations if required.

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Man in suit holds car door handle

Specialist Drivers

You can be confident that a Specialist Driver provided by Tyler Security will possess the skills, qualifications and training to ensure your assets are in capable hands. With a Policing background and highest possible security clearance each driver offers a premium standard of professionalism, discretion and knowledge.

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Man points camera out of car window towards couple

Private Investigation

Look no further than Tyler Security for exceptional Private Investigation. With a background in Law Enforcement, each of our Investigators possess the finely honed skill and knowledge of surveillance required to get results. Whatever your requirements, you can be confident of the utmost discretion and professionalism.

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