Brown and white dog sniffs large box

Tyler Security dog and handler teams are qualified to stringent NASDU standards in order to deliver effective search and detection services at your venue or event. The experience and expertise of our security personnel is unrivaled by any other company.

All our handlers are former employees of either the Metropolitan or City of London Police Services, having undergone rigorous and demanding training to reach NPCC (formerly ACPO) Standard.  Each is a specialist within their field of expertise and has experienced working at high threat levels and in complex circumstances. Specialist narcotics personnel are SIA approved and fully conversant with the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971 as well as procedures for evidence handling, ensuring we are able to provide a comprehensive service. 

Dog looks at tennis ball through glass

  • We offer search and detection services for narcotics, explosives and firearms. 
  • All dogs are trained to elite standards.  Our trainers are former ACPO Instructors from the Metropolitan Police Service Dog Training Establishment, Keston.  
  • Both pro-active and passive-scanning dogs are available depending on your needs and circumstances.
  • Explosives search dogs are trained using all current trend licensed explosives and TATP (triacetone triperoxide).  All teams are accredited to NASDU HABC Level 4, the only accreditation outside of the Home Office licensing of Police dog and handler teams.
  • We ensure the highest care and welfare standards of our canine colleagues.