Dog searches stadium seating

At Tyler Security we aim to provide our clients with a complete, dynamic service tailored to your individual needs.  The unparalleled expertise of our Search Advisers allows us to far exceed the provision of other security companies and ensure that the search and detection services we offer are as streamlined and efficient as possible. 

A Search Adviser is able to conduct new assessments or revise existing search and security protocol. Each has experience in planning and leading complex searches in difficult and pressurised situations and can offer on-site search coordination and overseeing as well as planning and guidance. 

All Search Advisers are formerly of the Metropolitan Police, have been previously licensed by the Home Office and are qualified to NEBOSH S & H (Nat. Exam Board of Safety and Health) level. Trained jointly by the College of Policing and Royal Engineers in Counter Terrorism Search they specialise in:

  •  assessing building vulnerability
  •  determining search options across a range of threat levels
  • employing specialist skills; for example working in confined spaces, at height and in marine situations.